Will You Place Blame?

To the editor:

Have you ever tossed you cigarette butt on the grass, pavement or gravel in a public place after 'enjoying your cigarette' despite the fact there is a receptacle nearby for such waste? Have you ever tossed your cigarette butt and/or ashes out your car window because you are just too lazy to clean out your ashtray or can't be bothered to bring an ashtray into a car that isn't so equipped? Have you ever smoked in a clearly marked "no smoking" area outside a building forcing non-smokers to gag as they walk through your cloud of smoke into a public building? Do you always ensure that the trail of your cigarette smoke is not being forced into the face of a young child as the wind changes direction?

I am not lecturing you and it is unfortunate that people feel the need or right to lecture you about your addiction to tobacco and your need to quit being a slave to the tobacco industry. However it is even more unfortunate that so many smokers in our world do not share your consideration toward the non-smoking public. I doubt you would appreciate me regurgitating some smelly piece of garlic and onion surprise from the lunch that I was enjoying or having to dodge my newly hacked up chunk of lunch as you walk behind me down the street.

When you develop lung disease of some kind later in life, are you going to be mad at the medical system for making you wait for your turn in the clinic or emergency department because you are short of breath? Are you going to vent and rant to the health care team members because you want your tests done quickly so you can go back outside for another smoke? Are you going to be bitter about the time you will have to spend treating your future smoking induced ailments or on the cost of the pills and puffers you will likely need? Do you truly realize the consequences of smoking on your health and the huge expenses to health care that result from this addiction?

You may think these questions are silly but somehow many smokers feel that they can place blame on others when they are faced with the consequences of their actions. As a non-smoker I have no control over what you do but don't blame me when things don't go your way. You are an adult and will just have to suck it up when your turn comes (pun intended).


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