Making Right Choice?

To the editor:

In regards to C.N. I agree with the fact that the general public shouldn't have to pay for something that is a choice. There is only thing that I would like to bring to everybody's attention, you smoked 11 years ago, what if your previous actions caught up with you and you developed a cancer directly linked to your earlier bad habit, would you like to cover your own costs?

What about people that speed-putting every motorist in danger including themselves? It's their choice, but if they get in an accident and get hurt are people opting for them to pay their own medical bill as well as the bill of the innocent people that got injured? The same goes for people that get injured while riding a bike without a helmet, or adults that don't wear seatbelts? If something happened should they pay for their own bill??

What about the homeless, for a lot of them it's not that they can't work-it's that they don't want to, so if they get hurt should they not receive medical care unless they have money to pay for their own bill? I could go on but I think that I've made my point. All I'm trying to say is that a lot of tax dollars are unfairly spent, but if we're going to make people pay for their own choices then instead of directing this just at smokers why not apply it to every adult that doesn’t make the right choice throughout different matters in life?


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