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I love that Kelowna is putting in more roundabouts.  

Myth Busters has done an episode on this and proved that roundabouts are almost twice as effective as four way stops  However, no one in this city seems to know how to use it.  Indicating in and out of a roundabout is key to its use.  Indicate left when entering and right when exiting.  This even applies on right turn exits.  If you don't know if the car approaching you is exiting how are you suppose to know if it is safe to enter?  This can leave you sitting there for longer than you need to, thus inhibiting the effectiveness of the roundabout.  

I think most of Kelowna could use re-educating on how to drive responsibility.  During the winter months the straight across tracks over the middle median of the roundabout further proves that no one in this city seems to know or care how to approach them.

Indicate people. If indicating was an option you'd have to pay more to add them to your vehicle. 


Shonah Montgomery

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