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I don't usually write in to Castanet or any other web site, but the controversy over the updates from Sindi Hawkins and the poll on the subject has got me a bit steamed. I was surprised to see that the no votes today (Sunday) were way ahead of the yes votes. How can so many people be so mean-spirited? After all, they are only letters that appear for a few days and if you don't want to read them, then don't! How do you think it is going to make her feel to see that poll? I only hope that a few more yes votes appear in the next few days.

As to the content of her letters, (as G.H. commented) they may be helping someone else. I have gained some insight into the problems associated with chemo. I went through this with my husband and I wish I had known what chemo does to the personality. It would have helped me cope with his moods.

Castanet, I hope you continue to publish her letters. Don't let some inconsiderate individuals stop you.

-L. Callewaert

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