Aquilla Pro-rating Challenged

Did you see that another company is trying to pull a fast one again - ripping you off yet again with unfair billing practices?

I opened my latest electrical bill to find that there was a price increase calculated with effect from June 1st - which works out to 12 days on this statement. Aquila say they 'prorated' the power consumption accordingly! The property that this bill applies to happens to be at Big White, and like just about everyone who has a place up there, we have had it shut down right after Easter Monday (April). For them to 'prorate' the bill means that I am paying the higher price for electricity on approximately 20% of the billing period when realistically except for the smoke detectors my electricity consumption has been virtually nil for those 12 days!

Legislation should be brought in - and really these companies themselves need to take the high ground on this without the need for legislation - to stop this 'prorating' billing! These companies should show due diligence before implementing a price increase - take an actual reading, then there will be accurate records of actual consumption resulting in charges that are correct. Check your statement - challenge it - don't let them rip you off!


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