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To all of the people that wrote letters regarding too many Sindi Hawkins updates, I understand what your saying. Castanet has posted many letters from Sindi and by doing so do make it seem like she's more important then everyone else.

Castanet (and Sindi) seems to feel that everyone in Kelowna needs to know what her current condition is. I think what everyone is trying to get at is the fact that so many people are having similar problems and even worse, and if they tried to let Kelowna know about their problems on Castanet Im pretty sure it wouldnt happen. So the question would be, why has Castanet given so much attention to one person?

Another question Id like to ask Castanet is, can I have some space on your website cause I have some problems that are hard to deal with and I feel Kelowna should know about them?

Im sure everyone is sad for Sindi and do hope that she gets better, but I feel from other letters that people could only wish that their problems got the attention and support as Sindis.


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