Vote With Your Convictions

I agree with D.D that we should vote as a community and just vote Liberal because they are the most likely to form the next government. I mean, hey, let's just take the gloves off and stop pretending that we live in a democracy.

Canada, it is time to come out of the closet. If we are willing to settle for voting in a manner that yields the best financial gains (while other cities that remained loyal to their convictions still pay the price), we may as well just take the next step and give the Liberal party full reign over our country.

World, we are (all hold your breath, will Canada admit it?) all a group of dictator loving apathetic pleasure seeking individuals. Oh, wait! We are a community of loving apathetic pleasure seeking unions. Yes, World, we have hid this deep dark secret for a very long time, and have even preached the benefits of a democracy, but truthfully, that was only to satisfy the U.S.

Oh, and I guess it is now okay for the U.S. to invade, they may as well because it would be for our own good. Heck, let's have a vote, oh but wait, we no longer think, therefore should not even have a right to vote.

Yes, listen to D.D. If you want a society that no longer knows right from wrong, good from bad, truth from lies. Let's not sit on the fence people, you can't have it both ways.


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