Lighten up Kelowna

In regards to Sindi Hawkins and her recent letters to the community of Kelowna.

I am not a Sindi Hawkins fan in that I don’t know her personally nor was I here when she was voted into office in this area. However, that being said, has anyone ever given thought to perhaps how important writing letters is to Sindi in her battle with coping with not only a rare form of cancer but with separation from her community and friends?

Sure she is in public office but take it beyond that office to a warn caring person who perhaps is frightened and needs to be expressing herself to cope. She gives of her time to this community and I think we owe her the support and respect that we would do as we would to another in our community or families going through such an experience. Lighten up Kelowna and let her seek the support she needs to be a survivor! Thank you Sindi for sharing your fears and your journey with us - you may very well be helping others to cope! Our prayers go out to you and your family.


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