Sindi Didn't Get Special Treatment

The unsubstantiated and narrow minded view of D.L. in claiming that Sindi Hawkins has received preferential treatment because she is a Member of our Legislative Assembly is absolutely ludicrous and irresponsible. Our medical System, although it has it's flaws, is among the best systems on the planet, and I resent DL's bashing it.

I too have grown somewhat tired of Ms Hawkins recovery play-by-play. However, I do remain empathetic of her condition and wish her the best!

Perhaps if Ms. Hawkins wishes to keep her writing skills sharp she could take some time to respond to some of the outstanding correspondence where I have requested information and action on. Although I suspect that consistent with other members of British Columbia's governing party she only responds to constituents that have positive feedback to her government's unfair policies and practices.


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