Legion Opts Out

Legion Opts Out of the Ride for Veterans.
This is a public slap in the face to the wonderful citizens of Canada and to all personnel who are taking pride in trying to help veterans. Legions are no more in the hands of Veterans as only approx. 82,000  of the legion membership across Canada are actual veterans. This is out of 700,000 veterans. The RCL is reported to have over 230,000 membership. This ride is in support of Veterans and the last time I looked I was led to believe the Legion was founded to help veterans.  Legions receive a lot of funding from the government of Canada and don't forget MP Ron Cannan is a member of this Legion.  

It is my opinion there is no leadership in any legion who will not get off their butts and support veterans. Obviously, in this case Veterans come last, even if the Minister of Veterans Affairs was invited to speak last week. Veterans you have to get involved and make things better for veterans else why do we veterans have a law suit against the crown called Equitas and why was it necessary for Veterans to take a class action lawsuit against the crown named SISSIP and win costing close to 800 million dollars in back pay to veterans and close to 200 million in legal fees.
Dale Dirks
Veteran MMM CD

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