Un-employed & despondent

Disney Penguin Club announces layoffs of 30 employees - Future Shop closes its doors - Target closes its doors - Shaw Cable expected to layoff 145 employees and the list of down-sizing and closures in Kelowna goes on and on. Add to the loss of jobs, we have employers asking for qualifications of "excellent communication skills", "exceptional customer service" “superior time management & analytical skills", "natural marketing abilities" and of course years of experience all for the wage of $13.00. 

Kelowna is becoming the city of the rich and of the poor. In Kelowna you are either a high wage earner, a minimum wage earner, on EI (due to layoff after layoff) or social assistance. I have spent countless hours submitting resumes; with not only a strong background as an accounting clerk technician but as a recent M.O.A. graduate, I am un-employed and despondent; I am asking for an opportunity.

Cathy Renoe

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