Just another stolen bike

Yes, it has finally happened to me. I have joined a ever-increasing fraternity of people who have had their bicycle stolen. The brazen attitude of these thieves is appalling. My bike was stolen from my garage while my wife was a few feet away in the house. It happened last Saturday, in the early afternoon. I could not imagine what could of happened, should she have surprised this vermin. Despite a prompt visit from the RCMP, I do not hold out much hope in recovering this treasured bicycle. Because it is a very unique, and distinctively different bicycle, it will either languish under a trailer, or be on it's way to another province courtesy of this valley's well established stolen bike pipeline.

I do have insurance, but it only covers a fraction of the replacement value, and worse, this scum has taken away at least the next 3 months from my riding season. To settle the claim, and build a replacement, will take easily that long. The big societal problem is the general "laissez faire" attitude that the justice system has for the perpetrators of personal property crime. One has to be "careful" in protecting one's property, as the legal system is geared to favour the criminal in these matters. The sentences given for property crimes will bear this out. Perhaps this is why these cretins will invade personal property with no regard for the meager consequences if they are caught. The only advice I can give (that's legal), is to heavily chain and lock your bike, wherever it may be. Otherwise, your chances of recovering a stolen bike in one piece are about the same as winning a major lottery, even if you have serial numbers, pictures etc. 

Andrew Kiesewetter
West Kelowna

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