Used students

Dear students,

So how does it feel to used?

Used by the province and used by the union of teachers.

You, the silent majority that is a pawn in all the negotiations.

Doesn’t it rile you, that this establishment is blaming, leveraging and trying to control you?

Break the mold. Teach yourselves. Teach your younger brothers and sisters. Read a book or lesson with someone younger than you. Read and talk everyday.

You have all been inspired by young girls or young men in third world countries. Their stories, their passion for learning. They only lack resources. Well you have the resources.

Now just find the passion.

The schools don’t belong to the union or the teachers. They are tax payer property. Go use them. Who can say no to people who wish to teach themselves? That would be a media suicide on their part.

There are retired teachers who can help, there are college students who can help (most of whom have had to endure the endless labour action in BC).

Make this into a triumph, not a tragedy. Refuse to be used.

Show the next generation of union flunkies and washed out government negotiators you wont be a scapegoat.

Take this matter into your hands, it is your life, and your education.

Steve Butler

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