Have we lost our minds?

I am a parent  and I am embarrassed for the situation that we have put the teachers. This has become some petty drama between Christy Clark and  her ego.

We are so proud of the dedication and commitment of the teachers as they help to mold the future of our children and in essence the future of our community.

Instead of relying on the government , lets take to the people. Let's hold a referendum, let the people decide.

As the days and weeks pass , what we fail to realize is that if a settlement is reached that does not meet the needs of the teachers , then how can we expect them to fully dedicate themselves to the most important variable in our society, our children, their education and the solid foundation of our community for the future.

We are speaking about our children, and how can we equate that to tax revenue. Is our children , a tax on our society?  Have we lost our minds?

Murat Kaynak

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