Something has to give


In the case of the teachers strike of course, the title says it all....Never Did - Never Will.  While I don't have school age children anymore and this doesn't directly affect me, I am familiar with their grief and share in their frustration and lack of sympathy. 

It will be tough but I will try to keep this to the 250 word minimum!

The teachers have not been teaching our kids for a very long time now...and I know some of you agree with this statement.  I had a teacher tell me when my oldest was in school, and I quote: 

"The education system is not designed to teach our kids what they need to know.  There is no reading, writing or arithmetic. What their mandate is gets funnelled down from the top and the people in charge of designing the curriculum. That explains the high drop out rate when kids get to grade 10. The school system cannot afford to hold kids back, your son does not deserve the grade, so we will give him the minimum to push him through!"  

Well that alone begs the question "what are we paying you for in the first place?"  My son who was being pushed into grade 8, went to Alberta and was assessed at a Grade 3/4 learning ability. That still brings a tear to my eye every time I reflect on this and this strike brings back all those feelings. There are so many things wrong with this, from Politics in the classroom, Unions, and people who want to be teachers because the holidays are great. 

There must "be a pair" between the 2 of them, Peter Fastbender and Christy Clark (or find it on Ebay)  and then we have Jim Iker trying to justify his income. How is fighting over benefits, helping all kids to graduate.  But instead of dwelling on this, I have a solution;

  1. Fire all the teachers, dissolve the Union (the main driving force), stop rehiring RETIRED teachers (unless of course those are the few that truly care about educating and not adjudicating)  Stop wasting education dollars to build new schools that will only close 3-4 years later
  2. Bring schooling back. Start educating-teaching them to read and write. if a child needs to repeat a grade - we do it as it is in the best interest of that child (the mentality now is "they must stay with their peers" - don't get me started on that!)
  3. Make teaching an Essential Service - force them back to work. There are a number of other people working in the "education system" that never wanted to strike! 

Politics and Unions have no room in the classroom - they are taking up space and a seat better used for a child!! Something has got to give!! 

My 2 cents!

Darlene Stewart


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