Bottleneck of contention

I am appalled at the poor behaviour of drivers these days – specifically with yet another construction zone on the top of bridge hill. 
Yes, the area is bottlenecked and slow heading to the Westside, but that does not mean that drivers should “pretend” that they are going to the Casa Loma area and take the exit off the bridge only to reappear at the top of the hill now merging into traffic that is already going dead slow. 
Or better yet – some drivers feel the new overpass has been built so they can once again “pretend” they are going into the new shopping mall or Westside road – but instead go to the top of the overpass and keep on going once again merging into traffic that is still going dead slow and has not yet reached the lights.
Do those drivers not realize that their poor etiquette is causing even further delay for the rest of us just trying to get home after work, who now have to go even slower to let you back into traffic on the highway? 
Perhaps these moves are even illegal? I wonder what the RCMP would have to say?
Please Okanagan Drivers, focus, be polite/courteous on the road. There are far too many accidents these days. 

Think about your actions for the greater good of our community. 
Lynn M.


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