Backing the premier

Teachers' strike.

Just t to let you know that I am with the premier on this topic, as I see it some of the teachers are just a bunch of lazy people that just want every thing their way and do not care about  the students, as for Mr. Iker they need to get rid of him in a hurry then maybe the kids and teachers can get back to work, where does he think all this money is coming from?

British Columbia is made up of seniors and we are taxed out NO MORE MONEY, maybe he needs to take a cut and not  demand all this crap he thinks is good for teachers and students. When I was in school we had  special needs children too and at least 30 or so students in a class  and no the teachers did not demand any changes they did their best with no complaints and we all got a good education, not like today.

These kids are our future, no wonder we have so many drops out, kids get turned off when they are neglected. Parents these days are strapped for paying any more out in daycare or other programs, so please get this settled now and get the kids back to school so they can learn and become good citizens.

A frustrated citizen.
Ruby Litke

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