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Hello, this is a letter that is being sent in from yet another, unsatisfied student. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the teachers strike.

All of the unneeded setbacks we, as students have been put through these past few months has put a lot of our student's futures in danger. Many of us have slacked off throughout graded 9, and really need to push the next couple years throughout high school, and unfortunately, we are unable to do that, because of this strike.

Us students, as a whole agree that this strike has done no good, its doesn't seem to be about the money anymore, it seems to be about the pride, who will cave first? Which is pretty much gambling with students futures only in the ages of 5-18. Thousands of students who's futures are not going to be as good because they need to take their education into their own hands, when education is supposed to be something the school boards handle, and the government.

This strike has done nothing but prove that the teachers and government are only in for the money and could care less about these students' futures, although we are counting on them as role-models so we can have a bright future. This strike seems to be going beyond where it needs to be going.

Thousands of jealous students, who scroll through their social media feeds and see children from other provinces heading off for their first day of school, while we are sitting at home on our computers trying our hardest to take our education into our own hands.

It is really hard to grow up in a society where the teachers are not being good role-models. This isn't a boxing match, government vs teachers, this is real lives, real futures of thousands of students between the ages 5-18. 

We need to be able to rely on people to help us learn, and we need that from teachers and staff of the schools we grow up in.

Faith K.

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