Disgusted With Dealers

To the editor:

I happen to come to Kelowna the other day and stopped downtown by the Tim Horton's and McDonald's, looking for a pay phone, which doesn't seem to exist in too many places in this town. While my other half went to search for a phone I decided to get a coffee and went to go into Tim Horton's.

There was a taxi sitting outside of Tim Horton's right in front of the door. A young man on roller blades got out of the taxi went to the back near the trunk and another man came over. Right there in front of the restaurant and in front of me they did a drug deal. The young man who was selling got right back into the cab. You can't tell me that the cab driver didn't know what was going on. You can't tell me that the police don't know about this for there are always deals going on in front of Tim Horton's. Just sit in the McDonald's parking lot and watch. Money must be good in the drug business if you can afford to deliver in a cab.

All I ever hear about is another dealer was taken off the streets downtown, by the park. Well Tim Horton's is obviously well known so why don't we see a little help over this way? These are establishments everyone likes to go to and you continually see groups of young people hanging in front of these restaurants. I am sure that there is concern from the people inside. Who knows if threats are issued?

Right now there are neighbours in my neighbourhood being threatened that if they report the crack house on their block they will suffer. Pretty soon Kelowna will start to look like downtown Vancouver, if things are left the way they are.


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