Letter from a student

I'm one of the students writing to you so I can give the student view on the whole strike.

Many agree with me that if the teachers are doing this for us, then why are we not in classes? If they actually cared, things would resume to the way they were and they wouldn't be walking out of meetings.

Why have the students become the mature ones? The government and the teachers are acting like they got in an argument with one another on the playground and nothing will be resolved unless someone gives into the other one's terms.

The teachers don't care about us obviously, what they care about is that they believe they should be receiving more money and they shouldn't have to teach as many of us. Does that sound like they're caring about us? No.

All of those demands are selfish. Now here are the students sitting at home seeing everyone in different provinces going to school, ready to get their education. Why can't the BC teachers be as mature as all the other provinces and realize you're gambling with our futures!

Most have joined homeschool, private school, tutors, online schooling because we don't get to receive our education which in the rights as a Canadian child we demand!  Let me guess, we are going to be given a mid year exam, a final exam, and provincials, all for grade 10s!  Some of which may have possibly slacked off last year and are trying to make up for it, but oh look! We can't! We have to sit at home and wait for the government and teachers to start acting like adults, make a compromise, and get back to school.

I just got out of middle school and my friends and myself know how to handle our problems better.

Christina T.

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