Mulroney Not The Greatest

To the editor:

I heard recently that Brian Mulroney considers himself the greatest Canadian Prime Minister ever since Sir John A Macdonald?

Well now the whole world knows just how full of himself he really is.

Wasn't he the guy that invented and introduced the GST to Canadians?

Wasn't he the same guy that was investigated by the RCMP in the Airbus scandal where Mulroney had supposedly deposited millions of dollars in secret commissions into a Swiss bank he had received from Karlheinz Schreiber?

Wasn't he the same Guy that sued Canada for slander to the tune of $50 million dollars, after the Swiss banks refused to hand over Mulroney's banking information to the RCMP leaving the RCMP with no evidence.

Wasn't he the same guy that lost an average of one cabinet minister to allegations of wrongdoing during each year of his 1984-1993 reign.

He certainly might have been the greatest at something, but I don't think that something included being the greatest Canadian Prime Minister that ever
lived since Sir John A Macdonald.

I would think that you would need to put Canada before yourself first if you had intentions of being remembered or even considered for such an honor.

I think Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker holds that title and Mr. Mulroney is a fool for thinking he was even on the list!

-John Kitella

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