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To the editor:

I am an avid reader of Castanet , sometimes checking in 2-3 times a day. FINALLY some great news and NO I am not talking about gas prices dropping. I am speaking of that imbecile being deported back to his country. How dare he talk of the repercussions he will face when he arrives "home".

He should have thought of that when he came to OUR country and had no respect for our laws and took a life. Does he think of the repercussions of the family and friends left behind, the punishment they face every day because he had to be a "big man" and race his fancy car down the highway?

No I bet he doesn't. I pray he is shunned and punished by the people. I hope he lives in fear every day.

Did he own up to his horrible mistake? Wow a surprise, no again. He denied his responsibilities and whined about his poor life. Too bad more people like him who come here and have no respect aren't sent back to where they belong.

Because to tell you the truth I don't want them here. If you can't follow our laws and speak our language ..umm bye bye. I am proud to be a Canadian.... ARE YOU??????


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