Accidents on Hwy 97 North

I am very sad for the victims of the crash on Saturday! I hope family has now come to them for support.
The five hour delay to re-open the road has got me, (and I'm sure others) believing it is high time to open the back road from the industrial park along Jim Bailey road through to Flightcraft!
As a taxpayer at the furthest north end of Kelowna, I am so sick of us being so put on the back, back, or far, far north boundary of federal, provincial, and municipal monies (and a reminder again that all those levels of paws are still paid for by one taxpayer), output!
Yes, we have the new highway to Vernon, but that was more than just me wanting it, and it was years in the making and it was to facilitate commerce into the areas.
Yes, we finally got the left hand turn signals at the top of Beaverlake Road, but that was years and years in the making, (also leaving the bottle neck at the top of the road for those who wish to turn from the north bound lane, right, and down the hill, a need of which would be lessen if a back road was put in from Flightcraft to our industrial site)!
Christy, perhaps you have a few moments of time to investigate and push for the back road. We all know how busy you are pushing for a second crossing, and sprucing up of Kelowna's downtown, and West Kelowna's areas, but you are getting a hell of a lot of money from the rest of us! Perhaps if you were sitting in that traffic for the whole 5 hours, you would have time to consider it!
Catherine Knox

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