Maid Service Won't Last Long

To the editor:

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth on this topic, so I'll make it brief. If this guy thinks he can make a business out of this idea, which he picked up from businesses in other cities, then let him go for it.

He will be providing the service to a very limited amount of customers anyway. This would be a one time novelty at best for most customers. The service won't last long and will provide a basis for not starting a service like this in the future in Vernon.

As for Debra Critchley, she feels obligated to put in her 2 cents worth on every topic that remotely includes women or has an effect on them. She has to justify her position so as to continue to get handouts from the government.

Some of her battles are for a good cause, but she should stick to them. Most people in Vernon view her as a chronic whiner who constantly seeks attention for herself.

G.A.S. Vernon

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