Sure, keep marijuana illegal

I totally agree – we need to keep marijuana illegal.

Think about the kids! Nowadays, a friendly drug dealer will sell marijuana to anyone who has the cash, no matter how young.

Imagine if some poor 12 year old has to go into a store to buy marijuana, and gets asked for ID. How on earth are little kids supposed to buy marijuana if we make it legal?

And what about violent gangs and organized crime? They depend on the income from marijuana to buy weapons, fancy cars etc, as well as to fund fun activities around our communities, such as shooting each other as well as bystanders.

If marijuana were made legal, violent gangs and organized crime would lose millions of dollars of income. Plus the RCMP would have a lot more time and money to go after their other community-friendly activities, such as meth labs and home invasions. So, let’s keep marijuana available for children, and help support your local violent gangs and organized crime – keep marijuana illegal!

!Don Fletcher

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