No Tariffs Or No Lumber!

To the editor:

The States may lower the tariffs on Canadian Lumber. How funny is that? They are only willing to do it because it will benefit them. That is the only time they are willing to do anything.

Well I say it is time to stop being Mr. Nice country and maybe give the States a taste of their own doings. They will lower the tariffs on lumber but we will have to ship more to them to help them out. Well maybe we just can't do it because of all their tariffs they forced a lot of mills to close down.

I say that we will only do it if they take off 100% of the tariffs and give the mills in Canada their money back, (over 4 Billion), plus damages that was caused by the tariffs.

Give some of that money to the families that lost their jobs because of the U.S.A. our brother country.

No tariffs or no lumber!!


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