Lesson Learned From Tragedy

To the editor:

After reading your article and watching a CHBC news cast last evening I felt compelled to write regarding the Vernon RCMP officer who drowned earlier this year.

I believe a very strong lesson should be learned from this tragedy and hopefully it will avert another needless death. I was surprised to see that the RCMP have pulled all the boats from duty as I believe these are one of the safest vessels on the water and have operated them in non and emergency rescue situations.

I am interested if there is a significant safety issue with the vessel although I believe the TRUE issue that would have prevented the death is the wearing of a certified life jacket. I wonder to myself why this is not policy as in the coast guard or local fire department.

As for the family, my heart goes out to you for your loss and hopefully policy will change requiring all members to be wearing their PFD’s so tragedies like this one will not repeat.


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