Good Naked Vs Bad Naked

To the editor:

So I feel one must comment on this new business opportunity of Topless House Cleaning. I am neither for, nor against the said service, I mean if someone is so hard up (no pun intended) for entertainment that they want to kick around while a topless woman cleans their home.. that just might be their right. Perhaps it taps into a certain Freudian fantasy, that is best left unsaid.

I have only this to say.. does anyone out there remember the Seinfeld Episode, there is GOOD naked, and BAD naked Seinfeld where he laments about his new always naked girlfriend. I'm sorry but perhaps dusting while topless could be considered borderline sexy by a select few, stretching it. MAYBE vacuuming topless might be ok. But lets think.. hmm someone scrubbing your dirty toilet with no shirt on??

Someone better yet.. cleaning out your oven or defrosting your freezer without the comfort of a shirt (aside from the obvious physical dangers now present).. I'm just not sure what person finds this an attractive, let alone money worthy service to be offered. Clientèle for this?

I'm sure there will be.. like that group of bearly 20 year old roommates that decide for kicks they'll sit around and giggle while the topless maid does her job. Degrading .? Yes, but totally the woman's choice to put herself in that position. Good naked, and bad naked people.. I think we know which one this falls under.


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