No apples for teachers

Dear BC, and all you hard working family men and woman.

Why should the teachers get any signing bonus and receive anymore than all the other unions who recently signed for 5-5 per cent? They should accept the 5.5 per cent like everyone else, with no signing on bonus, nobody else received this, teachers are well paid, more than a lot of us.

I coach girls soccer two nights a week training games on the weekend and travelling some weekends to tournaments and I do not scream to get paid for it and like many, many other volunteers we do this honestly for the kids, so get back to work educating the kids stop making the kids your excuse that you are doing all of this for them, and then you can still carry on negotiations with the Government on school class size and extra teachers.

You say you work lots of extra hours with the kids, you also get every stat holiday all your teacher study days which unbelievably teachers do not have to attend, Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays all paid.

You say the government has this money, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars where ???? Should they cut already existing programs, increase our taxes, the Province is already deeply in debt billions of dollars so please explain to me and other British Columbians where the money is coming from?
So please do not give in to sentimental pressure, lots of people agree with me, that they are using the kids to get their own way.

A Concerned citizen
Thomas James McLuskey

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