Is it a skunk or marijuana

1. A couple of months back I heard on the radio that it has been 50 years since the government implemented a ban on advertisements for tobacco products on TV and in magazines. 

This I believe was in an attempt to cut down on the number of children who would begin to smoke because it was cool.

So hearing people like Justin Trudeau (who is hoping to become the next Prime Minister) say that he is all for legalizing marijuana makes me wonder – did we just waste 50 years of tax dollars on anti-smoking campaigns?

2. Over the years I have heard many people complain in different forums about the dangers of second hand smoke and the cost to our medical system to treat both smokers and those affected by the second hand smoke.  Is the smoke from a marijuana cigarette harmless?

Quite frankly I couldn’t care less if people want to fry their brains with drugs, however the main concern that I have is the smell. Let’s face it , the only way to describe the odour is that it stinks like SKUNK. My neighbour smoked marijuana “for medicinal purposes” and there was never a day went by that I could be out in my yard without smelling the stench. Some evenings when it was warm and I had my windows open, the smell wafted into the house and the only thing I could do was close the windows. Legalize it and the only way you’ll ever get another breath of fresh air will be on your deathbed through an oxygen tank.

Needless to say, unless they can figure out some way to remove the smell I am totally against legalizing it.   Maybe all those sitting on the fence who say that the government may as well legalize it should give their head a shake.  This will be a decision that not only affects those who will be smoking it but those of us who have to breathe it in.

Helen Odell

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