Saved from a fire

Paynter Road fire

Dear Sir:  I want to publicly thank those three wonderful men that saved my niece’s life and their wonderful pooch, Chara.  We simply can’t have enough of neighbours such as these three. What they did was take an astronomical risk to themselves, but at the same time saved the precious life of my niece and her dog. 

Poor Chara, probably wanted to keep going back in because that’s what was so comfortable for her. I can also see how my niece could not have possibly lifted a heavy, big, confused dog all by herself. Anyway, on behalf of this family, THANK YOU.  You all took a risk and a big one yourselves. 

Of course they have lost some precious possessions, but what was and is important though, was saved. They will, of course, be uprooted for a number of months, but that is nothing in comparison to what could have happened. 

As a quick wrap up, THANK YOU, you three are awesome neighbours!!  I don’t use the word hero very much, but in this instance, that was and is exactly what you all are. 

May God Bless you abundantly!!
(Mrs.) Lynn-Marie Mossman

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