No Respect For One Another

To the editor:

Welcome to new millennium where no one has respect for one another and is only out for themselves. There is no discipline anymore, there is no respect or manners taught either at home or at school anymore, and no one gives a damn about anyone else's peace and quiet. How many times have we gone out to a store and hear a blood curdling scream of a toddler who is wanting some attention? When I was growing up we were read kids stories that taught values, ie Never Cry Wolf. It was taught that you don't scream unless absolutely necessary to warn others of impending danger. That having been said, how many people run to the aid of a screeching child only to find out they are acting out....AND THE PARENT IS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!???? The teaching of respect starts when we are young. And that doesn't seem to be happening anymore.

Yeah.....I don't go to movie theaters for the reasons you outlined in your letter C.B.. The chewing with mouth open with popcorn is the one that floors me the most. How rude and downright DISGUSTING!! Cell phones are supposed to be on vibrate so they don't interrupt other viewers yet people are too stupid to set it prior to going in to the movie. STAY HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK!!!! If you want to chat GO SOMEPLACE THAT DOESN'T REQUIRE SILENCE!!! And my question is this.....where was the attendant who was supposed to keep the peace of the theater and the noise to a minimum??

I am sorry, but it's a lot of money to go to a movie these days and to have the expensive experience ruined by inconsiderate, stupid people who think of nothing but themselves is appalling!! Grow up and think about someone other than yourselves FOR ONCE!!!!


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