Morons With Limited Driving Skills

To the editor:

Had to write and support K.N. with their thoughts for the poor lady killed last weekend.

The situation on Harvey is bordering on out of control, specifically with people turning left. They are making this dangerous maneuvere after the lights have gone red or after their filter light has switched off. This is putting themselves, other drivers and pedestrians in harms way and sadly this ladies death was bound be the result at some point.

The RCMP brass, not the poor guys following orders, need to amend their priorities. Let us see some action on Harvey rather than radar and seat belt checks taking place in the back of beyond. I feel strongly that they do not wish to interrupt the traffic flow and that is why we have this free for all. How about posting someone at these junctions, on foot, with him passing vehicle details to his colleague further down the road where these bad drivers can be pulled in and ticketed? I am sure they could collect thousands in revenue in a single day and at the same time send a message to Kelowna's many bad drivers that this dangerous practice is being cracked down on.

How about getting people off their cell phones too, it is reportedly against the law yet has anyone ever heard of a prosecution? Again not a hard thing to police and another way of making the roads safer.

Lastly when accidents are reported we often hear mention of "speed and alcohol". As most accidents take place at around the posted limit with no alcohol, why do we not hear that "a moron with limited driving skills" was involved?


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