Treat All Criminals The Same

To the editor:

In regards to the poll on the topic of publishing the John's names I feel moved to comment.
Is it contradictory that we now allow gay marriages in our country but are trying to come down hard on the John's ?? If the John feels right about it, and the prostitute is not being harmed, and they are both adults, I see it as no different than a man paying to have his lawn mowed.
Of course, if there is physical abuse or pimping, it would be a different case, and should be dealt with just as physical abuse is dealt with any other time.

Also, if the names of the John's are being published, then the names of all the other perpetrator's of crimes should also be published, such as speeders, drunk drivers, and others who step out of the boundaries of our laws. I feel it is the duty of the news media to treat everyone the same, no matter who they are.


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