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To the editor:

I must agree with the writer re: Bad Night Out at the Movies. I come from Toronto and you would think a movie theatre there would sound like a jungle, nope! To the contrary you can hear a penny drop before you see the opening credits, there is a certain protocol and code of behaviour. The difference between Toronto and Kelowna is that slight hint of ‘’Green Acres’’…. when quaint turns ugly!

Kelowna theatres are an absolute nightmare. People talk at full volume throughout the movie and I agree that some attack their candy rappers so vigorously that they do sound like they’re on fire. THX has no meaning when you have the true stereo effect of punters ramming popcorn in their hoppers on either side of you.

Then there are those thoughtful few who just have to come out and share their flu with everybody. How incredibly inconsiderate, if you’re sick stay home! Why should anyone pay eight bucks to have someone sneeze and hack on the back of their neck for over two hours?

Finally, ‘Late Arrivals’, these people really tick me off. They come into the theatre ten minutes ‘after’ the plot has been established , disrupt the audience and for the next hour have an open and sonorous dialogue on what the movie is about...

Points to remember about movie theatres:

# 1 they aren’t your living room,
# 2 popcorn bags are loud and sound like maracas when shaken,
# 3 open your candy and close your mouth before the movie starts,
# 4 (a) leave your disease at home (b) find a baby sitter (c) buy a watch!


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