Borders: religion free zones

Dear Editor.

There is absolutely no way anybody should be allowed special treatment at our borders because of their religious beliefs.

Our border security people have a very serious responsibility to make sure nobody is allowed the opportunity to use their religion to knock down our borders, our values and our traditions.

Anybody who does not want to be processed by our border security people, male or female, is simply not wanted in our country, and should not be allowed to enter.

Many of those religious zealots, whose fanatical devotion to a God, represent a serious risk to national security.

American border security people are completely autonomous in the administration of their duties, and barring a Presidential order to the contrary, their decisions are final.

On the Canadian side of the border our Prime Minister is arbitrarily sacrificing national security hoping to get the immigrant vote.

Harper’s pre-occupation with protecting his political power base has prompted a disturbing development that is denying our Canadian border security people the undisputed authority they need to do their job.

Our border guards are charged with the responsibility of controlling the flow of people and products across our national borders. 

Those men and women need to know that our government is backing their efforts and actions 100%.

Today Prime Minister Harper is standing behind them saying “except you, you, and you”.

~Andy Thomsen

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