Poor Coquihalla conditions

My husband just got back from a quick weekend trip to the coast and found the Coquihalla to be a very rough road in poor condition and now with the new speed limits makes controlling your vehicle harder.

He found that his pick up truck did shimmy and sway and if he had not been holding on tight and lowering his speed he could have easily have lost control.  

Case in point, he did pass two bad looking accidents that looked like that is exactly what happened and then today I see another one has occurred.  

At 120km/h most people will go 140km/h and with the road so uneven and in such poor shape you can hit a snag and lose control so much easier than if were travelling 80 or 100 km/h.  

Will people have to start dying for the government to reconsider upping the limits?

~Carole Kormendy

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