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Just a comment about Cathy S.’s letter of August 6, 2014 “RCMP Slammed”-
You are assuming that the incident where you were ordered to go back in your house is all about you.  You stated that your neighbours were not told to go inside their houses.
No one except the RCMP know why you were targeted to go inside your house, perhaps you were in some kind of danger yourselves and didn’t know it.  I doubt that during a high tension situation such as this, special attention would be given to you and your binoculars, or maybe this female RCMP officer was given an order, or maybe there were circumstances evolving that were not apparent to you at the time.
Whatever was going down, a situation like this can erupt and get way out of hand.
This was not about you. I believe it was about a potentially dangerous situation that the RCMP were trying to diffuse.
Just my opinion.
Charlene Dixon  

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