Teachers' true colours

Re: Government's true colours

It's not the government's true colours we need to worry about, it is the BCTF's.

When I read about the BCTF's previous and current demands on behalf of their members which includes $5,000 signing bonuses, $3,000 for massage therapy, 7 additional 'flex days', 100% covered maternity leave, $225M for 'grievances', 10-12 days for bereavement leave, et al - this in addition to already gold plated benefits, I have to disagree. The majority of teachers voted to go on strike so they made the stand, not the provincial government.

If you read the latest demands here:

The average cost to taxpayers is $2.04B (new BCTF demands)/$4.4M (population) so an additional $463 annually for every man, woman and child in British Columbia.

While I agree that kids should come first and education is of utmost importance, but at what cost? I am already taxed to death and the amount of federal and provincial debt is already staggering.

I am grateful that my children were educated in Alberta as the disruptions caused by the decades long BCTF/teachers' demands never seems to end. The quality of education is not determined by how much money we throw at it, but by better educators.

Not happy my taxes fund this nonsense... Scrap the current system and replace it with one that works.

Jon David

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