The problem with Equifax

I tried to get a Master Card the other day through my Credit Union.  The Credit Union had approved me for a certain amount and the letter from Master Card gave me 1/10th of the amount on their card. 

The letter I received from Master Card stated the report they got from Equifax indicated that I was a bad credit risk. They also stated that I had applied and received Bankruptcy, wrote a lot of bad cheques, and that there were two red alerts on my file and several liens from different vendors. None of this is true!! 

I went onto the Equifax website and requested a credit report for myself.  The only way I was allowed to receive my credit report was to pay Equifax $159 for one year for their insurance against identity theft.  I did sign up for their “Identity Theft” program for the one year fee of $159. – and suddenly my Equifax report changed to say I was a reliable person who paid all my bills on time.
I have been held hostage by Equifax and Master Card for the past several years and don’t know what to do to clear my name – other than to continue to pay these creeps the $159 per year for their “Identity Theft” program. 

The only people who stole my identity was Equifax themselves!!  How does a person get their credit rating cleared up when the people who write the reports are the hostage takers?  Does anyone have any ideas about this?  I have never been bankrupt, don’t write bad cheques, and there are no liens against me or my property!!

Yours truly,
Kerry Kozak

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