Government's true colours

Ok now we are seeing the government's true colors in the teacher dispute. Here they are offering $40 a day to parents a month before school starts.

If the government was truly committed to getting a deal done with education then this $40 would not be necessary, but clearly they are not. Why?

I don’t think better leaning conditions for our children is something this government thinks important. This government has been stalling and outright refusing to deal since they lost the big court case earlier this year and all of it at the expense of the kids. The teachers, for all of their union’s faults, appear to be the only ones taking a stand for better learning conditions.

Why? As a parent of two kids in elementary school, I am willing to pay for better education. It is a no brainer and as a family we believe that the education of our kids is of the utmost importance. It is time the government quit stalling and started dealing fairly for the sake of our kids and it is time the public realized that education is worth paying for.
Jack Gilbert


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