RCMP slammed

Yesterday my husband and I noticed a whole bunch of police vehicles gathering down our street.We live on a dead end road in East Kelowna.

So of course we were curious and stood and watched they were quite a bit down the street so I grabbed a pair of binoculars. They started to walk to the end on the road past our house. A police woman came over and ordered us to go into our house.

We were thinking it was very serious for this to happen and we did as ordered. Later I find out that at the trailer park at least 400 metres from the outer edge to our house had a distraught woman threatening to harm herself.

We were in no danger. There was no reason except arrogance from the police to order us on our own property to go inside our house. The other neighbours were not told to go in, they just got pissy because I had binoculars and looked at them.

These are the arrogant bullies who give the police dept. a bad name, shame on you!

Cathy S.

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