Boonstock death

Once again another person dies as a result of an illegal drug overdose at a music festival. Surprise, surprise.
I have never understood the reasoning or the need to be drunk or stoned to the point of oblivion just to have fun. Really? That's fun? Do these people even remember what they did or viewed? Probably not, so why ingest these drugs to "really feel and enjoy" the event. If a person needs to have drugs and or alcohol in their system to enjoy an event, you are seriously mistaken! Get real people! Your life would be so much happier and satisfying if you were true to yourself, mind and body!
Does your family and friends and co workers need to feel the pain of losing you, just so you can get high and have fun? I don't believe so, and if someone in your life has contributed to these harmful choices, shame on them. Prove to yourself and everyone else how strong and beautiful you are without the need to alter your mind and body with these drugs.
Everyone has a choice in life, make it the right choice. Live your life beautifully, drug free, alcohol free, just free.
If you don't have a hero in your life, be your own hero. You are worth it.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the young lady who died at Boonstock. In her memory will you please re-evaluate what you put into your body honour your friend this way.

Susan Potter

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