Thoughts on Boonstock

My thoughts on Boonstock:

I have spent the last 4 days at Boonstock. I have been all over the grounds including campsites, beach, boontown vendors, VIP area and backstage. These are some of the highlights of my observations.
- I witnessed a cop get an autograph from Wolfmother. He was thrilled. Grinning ear to ear.
- I witnessed a female cop hoola-hooping on her arms next to the Sun Fm station - while mingling with some festival goers - but also while scanning the crowd for an issues.
- I had no problems getting in or out of Boonstock on 5 separate occasions. The longest I waited was 15 minutes.
- I spoke to a couple ambulance attendants who were so excited to be backstage getting a quick glimpse of Rise Against.
- I found water - everywhere I wanted to. For free, for $2 a bottle and for $4 a bottle.
- I was searched by female security guards at every entrance other than backstage. I watched as adamant security were thorough with all festival goers and police officers looking on - also mingling happily with festival goers.
- I spoke with an Alberta festival goer for 20 minutes about how he thinks Penticton is great. He dropped $600 in our Penticton Canadian Tire for camping supplies on his way to Boonstock.
- Volunteers, organizers and employees worked around the clock - some not sleeping for days, some not eating for hours - by choice. When I served them breakfast they were happy, smiling and upbeat.
- Festival Goers were happy, respectful, smiling and having a great time! Were they drunk? Sure - some of them were but they were HAPPY!
- Was it dusty? Sure. Are fields dusty? Yes they are. Important to note: Warren Lee Contracting has worked around the clock spraying the roads, concerts bowls, camping etc all with his water trucks. Festival Goers spoke and Boonstock acknowledged and was proactive.
- HUGE props to the production manager. The lights, audio, video and stages were out of this world! It really has been a treat to witness.

As I take my daughter to watch Macklemore tonight, I will expose her to the elements but most importantly I want to show her how much I appreciate this economical stimulation into our community- by continuing to thank everyone I see - thanking festival goers for coming to Penticton, giving us a chance and asking them to come back. Thanking the volunteers, organizers and employees for working around the clock to make this event happen! Telling security guards, police and ambulance that they are doing a great job and thanking them for their time. Trust me, the smiles I have received in exchange for my words and actions were worth their weight in gold. I hope Boonstock is here to stay and I hope our guests return next year to visit again! ‪#‎welcometopenticton‬ ‪#‎Isupportboonstock‬


Tracy Van Raes


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