Hwy. 33 closed AGAIN

My wife and I drive in from Beaverdell/Carmi every morning and see the idiots driving Hwy. 33. Do we have to wait until one of those trucks lands on a young family before something is done?

I have been driving for 47 years and drive according to road and vehicle conditions and yet these 'professional drivers' can't seem to figure out that you cant do 100 km/h in a fully loaded logging truck.

If you can somehow check accident reports you will see a lot more than even you have reported, we continually see logging and some chip truck that flip. A lot less since Chambers slowed down and Sutco started. We have been scared a couple of times by logging trucks coming around a corner partly in our lane, leaning way over.

I am very serious that someone is going to get killed by one of these guys trying to get more loads in for the day, picture a young family in a mini van getting crushed by a load of logs, hmmm. If the roads are that bad that they can’t stay upright they should use a different route.

Kelly Foy

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