Butt our fire starters

I just wanted to give a big 'thank you' to the two people who threw lit cigarettes out their windows on Tuesday July 22  in West Kelowna.

Firstly, to the fellow in the silver Toyota Echo near Burnett's Nursery, (you know who you are because I yelled at you for throwing a 1/2, lit, smoking cigarette out your window), I guess your ashtray was already full. 

And to the fellow in the red Dodge pickup heading up the highway to Glenrosa (who had his cigarette in his hand outside his driver's window, because I reckon he didn't want to have his shiny, new red pickup smell with smoke and then he promptly threw his cigarette out on the highway.

It absolutely amazes me how absolutely ignorant people can be with wildfire smoke all around them, 100's of families evacuated, fires STILL burning within view of where these morons threw out their still burning cigarettes, and yet, they still do it. Incredible.

I guess the 'human caused' fires can be traced to these people and the 100's who still have a blatant disregard for our province, forests, wildlife, communities, homes & families. I was evacuated for three weeks in 2009 due to the Terrace Mountain fire so I am acutely aware of being away from a home, wondering if it will be there when you return, is all about.

Maybe we'll get a chance to meet up at the evacuation center next time you are told to leave your home in West Kelowna, Glenrosa or wherever due to a fire and we can figure out why the wildfire that has you and your family displaced started,,,, maybe it was 'human caused'.

Thom Tischik

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