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Kelowna City Park needs to allow more vendors to improve vibe.

We have lived here since 1989 and we enjoy city park and also travel to Penticton every second weekend for their great downtown community  market.

We don't drive there especially to purchase items although there are wonderful items to buy we go for the atmosphere,the cool summer vibe of a vibrant downtown core.

There are people of all ages every weekend and it's packed..street vendors and musicians and it's wonderful.
Kelowna could be more like this in the City Park area..but it's sadly lacking and now we learn from the few vendors that are actually allowed inside the park to offer the goods..that the City has cut their hours and shortened their season!

Why on earth would the City do this? Tourists and local alike enjoy the vendors and sterling through the park they add to the atmosphere.

Please support the vendors and encourage Kelowna to be more like Penticton.

Don't get me wrong Kelowna is wonderful now compared to before the make over downtown..its improved leaps and bounds..sidewalk patios are a much improvement to the vibe.

If you don't understand what we mean go visit Penticton on a Saturday morning!

Brian Johnson

West Kelowna

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