Doing makeup in a car

Well... it seems I have, by good luck or good planning, escaped (yet again), being rear ended by a "distracted" driver.
Yesterday on my way home from running an errand westbound on Springfield Rd., as I was slowing down for the red light at Cooper Rd., I noticed the vehicle behind me was not!  So to play it safe I quickly moved into the left turn lane and as I did so the vehicle went sailing past me right through the red light.  THE DRIVER WAS PREENING HERSELF IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR!!!!
This is by no means the first time I have observed really stupid behaviour on the road and probably won't be the last.
Modern day vehicles are quiet, comfortable, and come with a myriad of hi-tech creature comforts.  But here are a few uses for which your car was never intended.
Your car is not a hair salon, or a beauty parlour.  It is not a coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, bistro, or luncheonette.  It is not a library, office, or PHONE BOOTH!  And ....ladies....the thing attached to the upper middle of the windshield is NOT A MAKE-UP MIRROR!!!!
So, PLEASE, people.........try to use your vehicle for the purpose it was originally intended, TRANSPORTATION.
Bill Kingston


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