Re: Inflatable Flap

Re:  Inflatable Flap

I don' know Leigh, I think there is much to enjoy for kids of all ages.  You could get some inexpensive kayaks or canoes.  My kids and all their friends loved to go to the beach! 

They skim boarded, ran and jumped off docks, floated on mattresses, snorkelled, played with Frisbees and balls, had picnics, buried each other in the sand, and made sand castles. When they got bored with one beach, we went to another one.   If you don't like crowds, there are plenty of "more quiet" beach accesses to enjoy.

There are creeks to sit and play in.  I have lived here and used the lakes all my life and never got tangled in weeds or came across a dead body!  If you don't like the lake, I don't think it gets much better than H2O...definitely something there for all ages!

Or the skateboard parks or mountain bike trails and bike parks...I think the choices are endless without the need for the City to provide anything else.  And all of these things can be done as a family or if the kids are old enough, they can enjoy all this on their own with their buddies. 

I think you might have to go out and do some exploring!  Have fun!

Wendy Dawson

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