Inflatable flap

While I think it's great we have a new inflatable water park for OLDER kids and adults to enjoy, I think it's deplorable on the other hand the City has done nothing in the past to benefit older kids. 

The spray parks springing up everywhere are great for toddlers but not for everyone else!  We don't even have an outdoor pool, yet have FIVE swimmable months a year!?!

And how many people can afford $25 per kid per day for this new inflatable park that's privately owned?  I'm lucky to have just one, but including myself is $50! It's nice they will let people on for an hour at $10.

Wake up, City of Kelowna, we have enough dog parks, spray parks and park benches.....we need water activities for the parents who have kids over 3.  And yes, we have the lake.....full of weeds and dead bodies.  Doesn't make one feel much better.

Leigh Arnott

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